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Saturday, 4 August 2012

photo manipulation again :)

this is my latest work :)
but i am so so sory because i cant make the tutorial now.
but i will make the tutorial soon :) maybe.. if got more than 15 person ask me to do the tutorial :) hihihihi

Saturday, 21 July 2012

Thursday, 19 July 2012

again!!!! photo manipulation

Picture..not by me....

copyright to the owner.....thanks.
manipulated by me....

1st picture

second picture... ( not by me)

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

photo manipulation

 see how do i make it...

1st picture 

2nd picture

3rd picture

then the 4th picture

last picture

Saturday, 30 June 2012

Before and after ( tebalik ahahah) 
Taken with D5000 ( not mine ) - dia punya kawan yang punya ni picture...
saya cuma tambah garam/ gula (ops perlu ka), aji no moto, kari ayam, and perisa-perisa yang dibenarkan. hahaha..

jangan tanya saya siapa nama dia. ahhahaha

I just love the sunset..
nature prove that GOD is real.. He created everything.

Saturday, 16 June 2012

Manipulasi Gambar ( Abstrak )

YEAH YEAH YEAH !!!  Selamat petang. Masih belajar memperbaiki teknik Memaipulasi gambar. Huu..sedih, belum dapat menguasai sepenuhnya. Teknik dalam penghasilan gambar manipulasi ialah,
bermain dengan layer, layer mask, brush tool, eraser tool, selection tool, colouring, panning... and lama-lama jadi pening kepala o. :) 

Berikut merupakan salah satu daripada hasil kerja atau experimant saya pada kali ini. 

P/s - kualiti gambar agak kurang memuaskan dan agak rendah. Hal ini membuatkan gambar pecah, and kelihatan seperti rosak. its ok... Camera hempon je.. camera 2 megapixel sja.. so.. ^^ ______ ^^

This is my brother and his Motorbike :) sory for the bad  picture quality
Owh yeah... this is my classmate. since i get bored everyday so, MY HAND gatal o.. :) adding effect and background texture and Heavy retouch.. hahahah HEAVY or what? i dont know. ahhaha

photo manipulation (Framing) tutorial

Actually this tutorial is my 1st tutorial about photo manipulation and i dint really know how to do it. But yes, i did it but i dont know if you guys will get it or understand my tutorial. I didn't really know the name of this type of photo manipulation. But here is the simple tutorial with  screen shoot.

The first thing we have to do is duplicate the original picture ( layer ). Because my principal is "Always working on COPY" because Photoshop is DESTRUCTIVE photo editor. And then the next step is making a new layer ( empty layer ) by pressing  Ctrl + Alt + Shift + N. Refer here . And then after making a new layer, use the Rectangular Marquee Tool to make a rectangle shape then press ALT + backspace. But make sure you choose the correct colour ( up to you, i choose white coz it will be better in B&W latter on.
ok.. lets make it simple, you should get this after pressing alt+backspace. Then make another rectangle using the same tool, right click and press layer via cut. ( making a frame ) 

After that, just delete the part that you already cut ( the middle part )

Here is the new frame, but you have to make it like real frame by clicking the blending option. All you have to do is make sure that you know how to make it like realistic. Look at the picture, you have to adjust a few part like inner shadow, outer shadow and up to you as long as you satisfy  with it.

after making a frame, you should make a copy first as i said ( always working on  C__ y)  Alright, make sure that you keep one layer (frame ) and hide it by pressing the eye ( i think so, hahah), because you have to make a few more copies for this layer (frame). As you can see on the picture, you can rotate the frame by pressing CTRL + T but careful, dont resize or change the shape, just rotate it. Got it?  

Here we go..... Using the eraser tool and Brush tool as eraser. But i prefer using brush tool with layer mask ( read and understand the screen shoot above. OPS, please convert the frame layer into smart object 1st :) hihihi... 

careful when placing the layer because it will affect your frame composition.

Here is the important part. If you making a photo manipulation like this, you should consider one thing as above. MAKE SURE you do it. hahha ops... terlebih sudah.. make it like 3D.

Read the text on the screen shoot.

Yeah... keep doing the same thing until you complete the frame you want. This is the final result for the random album frame. Bersepah dew. hahaha

Making a selection. ( read the text in the screen shoot )

Adding a noise. Just follow the step until you found "add noise" tab.
Add noise Box should appear like this and tuuut... read the red text.

Yea. Making a selection for outer or unwanted part. Go to select and choose colour range
^^ make sure you click accurately 

Th ten after making the selection click select and inverse :)

start painting outside the subject. Make sure you paint carefully. Don't paint inside the subject. 

yeah...actually we're done already. But we have to add some more effect. Go for black and white (optional). Adjust the amount of RGB colour. 

We're done in photoshop.. anyway you still can use photoshop to add some effect but i prefer use photoscape (cool software ).. Simple photo editor. But i didn't include the SS (screen shoot )..You can make it your own.. very simple..just adding filter (antique filter).. ^^

This is the final RESULT ( but you can make it better than  mine and you can make it in color too)

I am sory for my bad english and maybe its hard to understand this tutorial. Give me feed back  so that i can improve it :) thanks..
stay tune for next tutorial. MAYBE in video (easy to understand).


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( ^_^)y

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