Sunday, 29 April 2012

moshi-moshi...its been a long time i havent post/update in here.

i dont really like write something in english but...its ok... haha
orait.." your net photography"? why did i use and converted the old 1 with this? the old 1 is ( Ko marah gea d ( osongpink ).. kinda wierd, right.

im so tured btw.. ill continue to write latter on..mybe tomorrow, next wek? duno .. haha

but words is not important to me. the pic is more important to me..coz that the ony way how i express my personality and soo on :) ..

orait..the following picture is a bit about my art work in photography. LOVE it.

 this picture is actually my 1st experiment on night photography. ( i dont have my own DSLR yet ) i borrowed from my friend.... the EXIF is nikon 3100 f5.6 iso 200 +3 step bias and 2 sec . ^^
 million of stars!!!! exif nikon D90 f9 iso 400 10 sec ^^
 i love this pic!! this is my 1st w & b pic :) hihihi and i love it... exif d90 iso 800 1/60 sec no flash :)
 hahah..kinda funny.. :p hes closed his mout coz.....mybe got something wired in his mouth.wkakak kiding :p haha.. my 1st out door photography :). hahah exif d90 f5.5 1/100 sec iso 400 :)
 i love this picture too..... exif d90 iso 160 3 sec f9

 :) love the b& w pic and the ray :) really caught my eyes :p.... exif f 22 iso 100 1/4000 sec  ( sory kinda a bit cincai writing the exif.. malas dude ) ahhaa
 :p love the sun :P like telur masin :p hihihihi... exif d90 f5.5 iso 100 1/125 sec -3 step bias :p
 hahaha i dont really know how to take a picture of people (portrait) hahah.... but cool...

exif d90 f5.3 1/8 sec iso 100
  this pic nice :) this picture is actually my experiment about the rule of third which is the role of Fibonacci spiral in the composition of the point of interest in our picture.. i learn a bit how it related to each other..
exif d90 d11 iso 100 1/40 sec
shes gorgeous ! beautiful.. love love love. hahahah... ony the picture and her smile :) really beautiful :)
dont misunderstood :p hahah.... exif d90 iso 800 1/100 sec f 3.5 no flash.... indoor :p

alright ..thats al for today....
banyak to be continue :)

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