Thursday, 14 June 2012

Nikon D600 Full frame DSLR

waaaah! akhirnya, Nikon D600. khabar angin jew.. tetapi probability untuk keluar tahun ini ialah 80%
FULL FRAME ( may be, camera ni murah daripada camera among FULL Frame yang lain ). 
Okay, Canon how? Ada barang keluar juga, baru-baru ni mid level CANON 650D keluar, then ada lagi kew? murah kew dalam USD 1500? jangkaan / plan harga yang dirancang. 

Cuba lihat spesifikasi nikon D600 ni. Boleh tahan gak.

  • 24.7 MegaPixel FULL Frame sensor ( wooo! )
  • Berat lebih kurang dalam 850g termasuk bateri dan Memori kad ( alahai, memori ringan jew Hahha )
  • 3.2" LCD with 921K dot with ambient sensor control
  •  Out Put HDMI 
  • Video compression: H264/MPEG-4
  • Full HD with 30p, 25p, 24p, HD with 60p, 50p, 30p, 25p
  • Viewfinder coverage: 100% for FX , 97% for Dx
  •  "will have" built-in AF motor ( i dont get it )
  • Mestila ada weather sealed 
  • Dengar-dengar tidak ada GPS. tiada masalah.. ^^ beli jew GPS..
  • Range ISO : 100-6400 (dengan Lo-1 ISO 50 dan Hi-2 ISO 25,600)
  • 39 AF points (with an option of 11 AF points), 9 cross-type AF points
  • AF face detection
  • Exposure compensation: ±5 EV (Sama dengan D800)
  •  EN-EL15 rechargeable Li-ion batter
  • 5 fps (same as the D700, the D800 has 4fps)
  • 2 SD card slots with Eye-fi support
  • Build-in retouching images functionality
  • Built-in flash with sync speed of 1/250s
  • Two user settings: U1 and U2
  • Fn button
  • Auto DX crop mode
  • In-camera RAW editor
  • Built in time-lapse functionality
  • Possibly with build-in HDR
  • New external battery grip
  • To be released this summer
  • The D600 will probably not have an internal AF motor, which means it will work only with AF-S lenses (just like the D3200 and D5100)
  • The price of the D600 is rumored to be very low - maybe as low as $1500
  • Announcement before Photokina (September 2012)
  • One or more low-priced f/4 lenses will be announced with the D600. For example, Nikon recently filed a patent for a 24-70mm f/3.5-4.5 full frame lens which seems to be designed for a cheaper FX DSLR body



arief ahsan said...

Kamera yang sangat bagus.. ini kamera yang sangat saya idamkan.. hehehee

bendly roy Baninus said...

iya.....such a really nice camera. but the price also a bit ahaha mahal kot... dalam 1.5k still much expensive for me.... ^^

full frame :)

Bookkeeper Melbourne said...


Very nice post. Nice camera..

bendly roy Baninus said...

yeah.... ^^ thankyu :) and thankyu for visit :)

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