Thursday, 14 June 2012

Karya Dr.Esmar

Maklumat pemilik :  Esmar A. Hamid Kenoh

click the link to view more picture by him

see? beautiful landscape 
mysterious tree
woo nice

i Love his work :) beautiful


Sahabat Hendy said...


bendly roy Baninus said...

yeah :) just click the shout box tab :) time ...thanks ya :)

apink said...

i love all of this photograph,.. especially photograph number 2 an 4

its really beautifull... very awesome

bendly roy Baninus said...

thanks :) but thats not mine :)
i love 'em too..

i wish i will shoot like this soon.
currently learning from him (Dr. Esmar Kenoh )

anyway thanks :)

Cik Eyra said...

carik shout box, sy tngl jejak kat sini :) pelik ke kotak lepaking?hehe..silalah jd follower yg ke97

bendly roy Baninus said...

hhaha..drop kat sini pulaa. ahhah.....kat atas 2 shout box :) hihihi

xpelik...nak lepak juga :) hihihi...

i am 97 :) done

Aida Omar said...

suka part gambar 5 dan 6 tu.. kalau buat frame pun ok tu.. hehe..

buatbest said...


thomas said...

Beautiful landscape shots,
Tg Layang-layangan,Kg Linsuk,Kiaru Jetty.Are you the photographer?

darycyber4rt said...

blogwalking . have nice day

kocu ogebz said...

very nice, it seems you are reliable a photographer ..

bendly roy Baninus said...

thanks guys..credited to my sifu :) dr. esmar :) heheheh

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